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I woke up Sunday morning anxious and overwhelmed. “Ugh!”, I sighed before even becoming fully awake. The weekend was filled with nonstop, yet fun activity. I had the pleasure of spending quality time with some great people as the birthdays of three special people in my life were celebrated. Of course I went H.A.M. and neglected my regular obligations. Thus, despite such a positive weekend infused with high energy, endless laughter, fun, excitement, and love; subconsciously, my thoughts veered toward the negative, dragging my mood and attitude south as my mind flooded with the countless freaking tedious, but necessary tasks that I must accomplish before the day’s end. I started to complain.

Before exiting my bed to engage in my morning routine, I became aware of my rather poor disposition. I checked myself, downshifted, and told myself to stay in my lane. First, all of the blah blah blah that I “must” do will absolutely be accomplished. As a young, successful, and independent woman, completion of necessary tasks is a part of the character description. Second, the weekend included so many precious moments that I am thankful to have been a part of them. Third, “Bitch, you woke up!”. Not only did I wake up, but I woke up in my warm and cozy bed, in my owned warm and cozy house. Just think about all of those who did not wake up Sunday morning, or those who do not have a home, or those who lack loving relationships, or even the means to enjoy first world fun?

Let me tell you that by incorporating mindfulness into my morning I was able to 180 and put energy into being grateful and recognizing my blessings. I am truly fortunate to be alive today and to have the people, places, things, and events that make up my life. Can anyone relate to this?