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Your mind’s logical attempt to inhibit you, “Remember, you weren’t looking for this.” “This is not a part of the plan.” You want to listen, but your emotions seem to have won this round. Imagine your Reasonable Mind (where you think logically and your behaviors are planned and calculated) in a steel cage match ring with your Emotion Mind (where your thoughts and behaviors are controlled mostly by your emotions). The two states of mind go at it; and just when you think your logic will prevail, your Emotion Mind Big Show Choke Slams your Reasonable Mind, pinning it down for 1, 2, 3—–DING! Your heart flutters as your Emotion Mind walks away with the championship belt. That victory has now left you in a place you have both feared and avoided for several years…A little place known as VULNERABLE!

We are taught that vulnerability is a sign of weakness. I agree that vulnerability is rather frightening, especially if you have ever had your feelings hurt, and I mean hurt for real. However, we have all experienced vulnerability, even the toughest of the tough. I like to view vulnerability as a vehicle which drives us toward strength, courage, enhanced abilities, and increased emotional stability. When feeling uncomfortably vulnerable, ask yourself, what is it about your situation that has made you feel this way? Engage in self-exploration and self-reflection and dissect the situation. Hopefully you will uncover the deeper issue and be able to work through it and progress, versus, run away from it and repeat undesired thought and behavior patterns.

I say, why not safely let your guards down, and within healthy boundaries decide to take a risk, and play with a little magic? Come on, I dare you to open yourself up to new opportunities.

~Hope you enjoy the jam! 😉