Just Because I Do!

This throwback jam has had me rockin’ out all week. Yes, I gets my alternative on sometimes. Don’t judge me! It’s funny that I was a freshman in high school when this song was released, but that does not mean the message is not valid. I find that I am attracted to people for various reasons. I do not really have a type…I go with how the person makes me feel.

I have only really had what people refer to as “real feelings” for a total of three people within my little 29 years of life. The other two are in the past, so I am relating this post to my present. He has made comments, essentially asking why do I like him. I have kind of been offended, because, I’m like, don’t ask me that, MoFo, just accept it and roll with it.

With that said, his questioning of my affection has led me to actually giving it some thought. I have drawn the conclusion that I simply like him for him. This has naturally led me to recalling the attached song, “Hey Leonardo (She Likes Me For Me)” by Blessid Union of Souls. Anyone who truly knows me, knows that my life is a big song filled with endless lyrics. Lol!

I guess I will let him know that I like him because he is an awesome person and at this time I welcome him in my life. So, let’s ride this thing out til the muthafluffin wheels fall off!

Hope you enjoyed the jam and my rant!


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