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Wise men and women across the earth have exclaimed that one cannot have his or her cake and eat it too. I use to wonder, “Well, why the hell not?” However, as an adult women who has had intimate relationships, I now fully understand. If you’ve made the choice to establish a relationship with another, in other words, if you have decided to share some of yourself with another, then things are no longer all about you. You must be considerate of both you and the other party’s desires. At any time you are unwilling to do so, then that’s the time you need to make the decision to leave the relationship and keep to your damn self. Once I notice that any of my relationships are too one-sided, I’m on it. If things do not improve, I’m out! I have had a few opportunities to turn my back on inconsiderate pricks….just packed up my baggage, slipped into my flip flops and I’m out the door. Feels good to know your worth! #0FKSGVN.

Hope you enjoy this jam as much as I do. 😉