Let Me See You Workout

Whether you and your sweetie share the same level of passion for physical fitness, working out together can positively influence your relationship. After my guy and I completed a little run at a local high school’s track this morning, a few benefits of exercising together came to mind.

#1- You’ll Make Time For Exercise

For one reason or another people complain about not having sufficient time to workout. We’ve all either heard of some of the common excuses or used them ourselves: “I have to work”, “I’m tired”, “I have school”, “I have to take care of the kids”, “I’m going to happy hour”, etc. LOL. However, with all of that said, a lot of us young, hardworking professionals are honestly short on time. Thus, choosing exercise over time spent with your honey may be less likely. You can effectively tackle this situation by killing two birds with one stone, if you will. You two can plan and schedule a few workout dates at the gym, park/community, or even at home.

#2- You’ll Have Some Fun Added To Your Exercise

We both exercise independently. I know that he talks about mixing up his workout routine and I have been following his advice in efforts to gain optimal results from what I do. One of my complaints is that I get bored while running, but I have a personal goal of running more and improving my performance. Though I have forced myself to add running to my routine lately, running together today was less like a chore. He mentioned we put in 45 minutes or so and we were both surprised at how quickly the time had passed. I thought to myself, “This was great!” and realized it was actually a good time. I can say that I am looking forward to the next time we put in that work together.

#3- Exercise Gives You Another Opportunity To Bond

Both my guy and I have very busy schedules, like most people in this day and age, making it a weekly challenge to have direct face-to-face interactions with each other. Our daily texting, intermittent phone calls, and sporadic dates can only get us but so far. The face-to-face time we had exercising together today was valuable in that it allowed us time to chat and laugh together, a chance to see each other in a different setting….essentially, it allowed us time to bond while enjoying each other’s company.

#4- Exercise Can Be A Rather Stimulating Experience

That runner’s high though….. It feels good, it feels great on its own. Now add in seeing your significant other push and sweat and motivate you and encourage you. Can we say hot? I don’t know about you guys, but I say that’s HOT. And to think, I allowed him to see me with no makeup, hair and eyebrows a mess, (ok, well, the eyebrows didn’t have anything to do with the running, but I had to postpone my brow wax until post-our workout -LOL-) and sweaty. Well we were both sweaty and I’m sure a little stank, but we seemed to enjoy each other, were still attracted to each other, and I’m sure possessed impure thoughts about our smelly selves. 😉 


So, if you and your special someone are trying to figure out different ways to connect, consider exercising together. It will positively enhance your physical, mental, and emotional selves, and your relationship. Hope you enjoyed reading! Hope you enjoyed the jam! Hope you enjoyed my raw post-workout pic!

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