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There are countless memes and jokes on the internet about “mister steal your girl”, and of guys who have been friend-zoned stealthily waiting on the sidelines for your man to screw up.  It’s no doubt hilarious; I’ve lost it on a few of those memes (LOL), but in real life, that bullshiggity is for the birds. I find it almost nauseating for how these vultures prey upon you while you are in such a vulnerable state.  Some of them won’t even give your recent break-up 24 hours before they are trying to pitch their “See! You should’ve been dating me!” campaign. Um, what?

It highlights the fact that these “guy friends” that you may have in your life really aren’t friends at all. You tell them the secrets of your current relationship (of course they made you feel so comfortable opening up to them), just for them to, in turn, put up a front and tell you and/or show you the opposite of whatever your complaints about your man were.  I like to call that, The Ol’ Trickery.  Don’t fall for it ladies.  If you do, you’ll find yourself in a rebound relationship that will not do anything, but waste your time and energy.

Call me crazy, but I’m not impressed by a guy that tries to sell me on how much “better” he was than my man. First thought that pops in my mind is, “You dont know us, man!” Think about it ladies, so you and your guy are “broken up”, is that the term we are still using?, and you are heartbroken, but you still love him, how would you feel about someone bashing the guy who stole your heart? I can’t get with it, it’s like, let me feel however I want to feel about the change in my relationship status, but keep your two cents to yourself.  You might say something wrong, and f*ck around, and get cut.  (LOL). Maaaaan, listen.

Before I go, let me say that, perhaps you do have a knight in shining armor in your life, you know that fine sexy one that does have what you want and need but ya’ll have been platonic…. I can see your smiles as you picture that exact one, but if he doesn’t present himself in good taste and in proper timing, he may just blow it.  My suggestion to them, they, those guys, is to be cool and allow the magic to happen. But keep in mind, the heart wants who it wants and there’s no changing that.

Just some random thoughts on my mind, so of course I thought to myself, “Well lemme blog about it.” As usual, thanks for stopping by; and always feel free to comment.