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I literally woke up singing this song, lol, from the 03:23 minute mark thru the end of the song….. those lyrics are as follows…..

What’s it gonna be baby?

Do you want him?
Or do you want me?
Cause I want you
Said I want you
Tell me, babe
Do you want me?
I gotta know, I gotta know
Do you want me?
Baby, baby, baby
Listen to me
I may not know where I’m going (babe)
I said I may not know what I need
One thing, one thing’s for certain baby
I know what I want, yeah
And if it please you baby 
Please you, baby
I’m begging down on my knees
I want you
Yes I do
Baby, baby, baby, baby
I want you

Oh man, I don’t remember my dreams from last night. Is this my subconscious?  Sigh……. Oh well, let’s skip the emotional part! Just know that I broke out in a full-fledged Prince and The Revolution rendition from there. Happy Friday folks! Even when I’m feeling down and a bit empty inside, I can rely on music to always pick me up! I carry my air guitar in my right back pocket! 😉


Foto compliments of IG:therealdj2much.

And no judging, ya damn right I love me some Prince! 😉