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I’ve been catching this song in bits and pieces, but finally really listened to the lyrics today. OMG! I flippin love it!!! I’ve always enjoyed Eminem and in recent years I’ve gotten hip to Sia. Her voice is beautiful and she complemented Eminem well! The lyrics really spoke to me; I actually felt moved… Go ‘head Eminem! LOL! My favorite lyric is actually near the end of the song where he says, “From this day forward, just let them a holes talk, Take it with a grain of salt and eat their fucking faces off.” The struggle is oh so real, and regardless of our place in this world, we all know about it…Let the haters do what they do best, hate, and just keep it moving. If you want to succeed, you will!

Hope you enjoy the jam as I did!

#happymonday from #unitedindependence