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“At one point or another, your life will change. You will turn corners and come upon new blessings and challenges in your lifetime. This can be a positive experience, because it means that God is ready to change you and bring you into a new season of blessing. God never made you with the intention of staying the same. Instead, He made you so that you would change and grow and move forward. God is not in the business of becoming stagnant and never changing. God has promised you that He will never leave you or be too far away. Even though you may turn a corner without knowing what is on the other side, God knows. He will not allow you to trip or stumble when you’re following Him completely. So go ahead and turn those corners in confidence with God at your side!”

I read this in an email from TODAY’S WORD from Joel and Victoria that my aunt and/or mother tends to send to me daily during the work week. It is a good message that I am open to hearing. I’ll take all of the encouragement I can get! I find comfort in trusting in the Lord, as individuals in my life have proven to function selfishly and inconsiderate of me at times. This is life and I accept it; for me it ain’t a thing, because God is always there!

Happy Wednesday from #UnitedIndependence!