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(Lol so many funny memes out there! Love it!)

I found myself pondering this exact question today after finally having a moment of downtime during my 12hour work shift.  I started replaying interactions I’ve recently had with some folks that hadn’t gone down too well….. Scrunching my face and shaking my damn head, it hit me that some people are just plain stupid. I’m slowly counting down the days until I hit the big 30, eh hem, in April, eh hem, and realized that though I’m older and though those I tend to associate with are my age or older, some folks are simply well behind the learning curve when it comes to exhibiting adult-like behaviors. Well, at least those adult-like behaviors which are acceptable to me.  Before the end of last year, I was on this “F*&% Everybody” flow, and I was just reminded of why. When people around you make you go, “Ewe!” CUT THEM OFF! Life is too short to waste time on those who don’t matter.

Now, you are probably wondering how does this lady talk about being in love one day and sending everyone to Hell the next day? LOL, Well, we are multidimensional beings; that’s just how it is. Hope you enjoyed reading my quick and random thoughts as I wrap up my extremely hectic work day.

Just remember that sometimes in efforts to stay on your course and to get ahead, some people, places, things, and/or events in your life must cease to exist….. #Deuces.

#unitedindependence wishes you a good night!