Happy Valentine’s Day!


Waking up blessed! I feel like sending some love out into the universe.  (Gotta catch me while it’s hot because I’ll be back to telling everyone to kiss my grits soon enough) lmfaooooo.

Enjoy the day with loved ones! Love is so beautiful, I just haven’t been lucky in that department… Good thing I love my damn self!  Hahaz. #TeamAries for you…. 😉

Thanks for stopping by #unitedindependence appreciates every bit of it!


How Much Can The Heart Hold?

“Nobody has ever measured, not even poets, how much the heart can hold.”

—Zelda Fitzgerald (1900-1948), Writer

I ran across this quote this morning and it provoked a few different thoughts and emotions. I think it is a beautiful quote. Right after reading it, I smiled.  I like to think of myself as an individual with a big heart. I tend to always come from a loving place. Some people say that when you love somebody, you love them. But, with all of that said, I’ve had the opportunity to fall in and out of love. Sometimes things look and feel different once the smoke clears. It’s amazing how things, including love, change over time……

Hope you enjoyed reading! Stay up lovebirds!

50 Shades Of Grey…To Watch or Not To Watch


So there’s so much Controversy surrounding this 50 Shades of Grey movie…. like we all realize it’s a movie right, for entertainment purposes? It’s not to serve as a religious or educational teaching. Relax. I mean I get some of the concern, but simply don’t watch it and keep it moving. I was invited to see it this weekend on Valentine’s Day (haha looks like I won’t be alone), I’m like “sure why not”. I downloaded all three books last year and havent read a single page, so maybe I’m missing something, I don’t know. This was on my mind because I keep hearing the advertisements (sounds kinda hot to me, lol) for it and I remembered my religious teacher spoke about it last night at church. She went on to say that she’ll be offended if any of us watched it. Eeeeekkkk! I’m sorry, maybe it’s the rebel in me, me being an aries, or who knows, but I do what I want. I’m still down to check it out. I believe I know right from wrong and will not be influenced to rush out and buy rope and duct tape after seeing the movie, or will I? Lol Thoughts?

Lovers and Friends


Over the weekend I gave myself some time to just sit and think; it was quite lovely, really. Randomly I started thinking about the terms, “friend”, “best friend” and “boyfriend” (significant other). I started to recall those who have held these positions in my life and how many changes have occurred over the years (totally experienced the full spectrum of emotion, lol, sigh…..). I also thought about the value I’ve placed on these positions, both in the past and present, and started speculating how much I would value them in the future…..

What I realized is that it’s very nice to have friends and a significant other, you know, people you are supposed to be able to trust, experience life with, and create memories with; people you can share mutual love, respect, and concern with. However, as I get older, I find that though I still put value on relationships, I definitely feel less pressure to have and maintain them, especially when it requires too much effort on my part.

I believe that true friends and true love develop and persist effortlessly. And I can honestly say that those are the only relationships I’m interesting in having. I’ve been working my way through a few folks by taking a step back and clearly seeing our current relationship dynamic. Readers, I challenge you to give this some thought in your own lives, you may discover something. I concluded those thoughts for now and will probably consider the following another time: The relationships I may have grown out of, the ones that are unequal, the ones that are emotionally draining, and the ones that are irrelevant. I rather keep focus on the relationships that matter in moving forward.

Thank you for stopping by and being a part of my journey as I get closer to being the best woman I can be. This is what it’s all about, supporting each other in reaching our individual life goals (#unitedindependence). We live and we learn, and if we’re lucky we also grow and advance.

The Big V-Day Is Coming Up, You Say?


I saw this foto online and immediately started cracking up. First of all, anyone who truly knows me, knows how much I love The Simpson’s. Second of all, as a result I recalled this epsiode. Hahahahahahaha!!! It was such a good one.

But, as my chuckling and cackling subsided, I poked out my bottom lip while my heart filled with intense sadness. It was in this moment that I was able to directly identify with Ralph. Oh! I too will be alone, without gift, love, and fun on Valentine’s Day! Le Sighhhhhh….

Hmph! Not so funny anymore! Pffffff!

Lol, hope you enjoyed reading. #happyfriday Lovebirds aka go choke on ur romance. Lol

Aren’t We Fortunate?


Enjoying the simple things today, like my apple and cinnamon infused water I was sipping on all day at work. It was delicious to drink and even though I typically drink a gallon of water a day this provided the extra motivation to get through the last few ounces. While drinking it throughout the day, I thought about those people out there who can’t even enjoy a regular cup of clean water, let alone an apple to eat. I immediately felt blessed. We often times go about our days taking so many things for granted without realizing how fortunate we truly are. Just thought I’d share my thoughts….

😉 #stayblessed homies! #happymonday!

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