Our Love

With each passing moment IT is slipping further and further past my fingertips.

IT is getting so far out that I am feeling its warmth less and less.

IT is getting so far out that its picture perfect image is becoming quite blurry.

I am reaching out for IT, but I can barely grasp IT.

I’m afraid that I am going to lose IT…

Already I feel defeated, but hope has whispered into my ear, “It’s not over until the Gorda Bitch sings her funky tune baby!”

Well then, I’m going into battle for IT, because IT, is worth fighting for!

Are you coming with? Let’s grab ahold of OUR LOVE!

Say you’ll never let me go, and I won’t let go.

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There it is.
It’s happening again.
It’s uncontrollable.
It’s taking over and holding my cognitions hostage.
My heart rate is increasing as the excitement pulses through my tiny blue veins.
My blood pressure is elevated and not due to genetics and/or too much salt.
What’s this?
I’m over here smiling to myself.
Can you picture my incredibly huge, radiating smile?
Now I’m closing my sultry brown eyes, inhaling through my nose and exhaling through my mouth as I bask in your sweet memory.
I can almost smell your manly scent.
My goodness, I can almost still… (eh hem; clears throat) feel… you……
Mmmm, that flashback.


Know How I Know That I Love You?


Because even through the difficult times you are able to put a smile on my face.  And even when we are distant and fighting our own battles, I am still able to feel close to you. You make me feel comfortable to present my vulnerabilities so that you may see me for who I am; you follow that up with full respect for me and you always have my best interest at heart. I think about you not only when I’m bored and/or lonely, but when I’m extremely busy and preoccupied with my own business. I typically say that I do what I want, but with you, I’m willing to communicate, compromise, and make small sacrifices to be with you. I want to share things with you, from funny jokes to the mundane happenings at work, and in turn, I am eager to learn new things about you. When I see you and all that you do, not only am I proud of you, but I admire you and want to be your personal cheerleader. If you need help, I wouldn’t think twice about helping you. Though I don’t really care too much for the mushy stuff, I see your face and want to smother it with kisses and give you long, loving hugs. Awww. When I’m out shopping I see things that you may like and want to get it for you. I don’t mind to cook for you; I’d cook for you every day if that’s what you wanted. I’m already pretty damn awesome as is, but you inspire me to be an even better person.  You inspire me in a lot of ways, like you even inspire me to do unexpected things to surprise you…….. (wink). Lastly, I’m not perfect, but you love me anyway. So, you know how I know that I love you? Because, I love all of you, as you are; for me you are the best!

PSA: It’s ok to love, don’t be afraid to express it! Hope you enjoyed reading! Just another one of my random ramblings…..

Stay up, love birds! 😉

Ping (I took a screenshot of this foto. ;-P)

When it Rains


Unlike most, I love it when it rains. It’s something about the darkened skies, the cool crisp air, the rhythmic pitter patter of the rain drops…

I don’t know… there’s something comforting to me when it rains.

Maybe it’s because when it rains, I think of you.

The Disappearing Act

The pleasantry has subsided.

The optimism overcome with cynicism.

The fire extinguished, as the magic has weakened.

Its vibrancy has faded into darkness; its ink covered by white-out.

Its lively spirit crushed, as its flirty seduction is overshadowed by grimness.

The twinkle is now a dud.

The curve has flattened.

What once shined effortlessly is now resentfully forced.

What was once there has now vanished…


My Smile.

**poetry corner**

Hope you enjoyed reading. As always, thank you for stopping by and showing love and support. Feel free to comment anytime (love what I write, hate it, can relate to it, suggestions, feedback, etc…. it’s all good) 😉

At A Loss For Words….

I look into your eyes prepared to utter my truths, but the tight lump in my throat obstructs the words.  

I take a deep breath while my thoughts fumble and jumble and eventually convince me to refrain.  

But, wait, I’m determined to express how I feel!!!  Oh, who am I kidding?  My cognitions are so commanding.  

They manage to silence my feelings by way of intimidation.  Somehow, all that I wanted to say sounds like, “Yea, I’m ok”, followed by a faux smile.    

Daily Post: Music Marker

We all have songs that remind us of specific periods and events in our lives. Twenty years from now, which song will remind you of the summer of 2014?

First of all, Oh My God, music is my lifeeeeeeee and I would have to have like an entire playlist complete with a mix of both old and new jams that could possibly represent this Summer of 2014. This summer, well, pretty much this year thus far is turning out to be a rather interesting time in my life. If I had to narrow it down to one song that is representative of current events in my life or to that one song that gets me super excited, happy, and truly feeling good……… I would choose, “Summer” by Calvin Harris. I can really dig his jams. Always a fist-pumping good time!!!! 😉





never a DULL moment, filled with EXCITEMENT!

on this ROLLERCOASTER ride with my hands in the air.

seeking that ENTHUSIASTIC thrill; that’s my KRYPTONITE!

ya know I really don’t care if ya FEELING me, right?

doesn’t play by the rules; RESTLESS…..OH yes!

provokes all of my SENSES, tells me who’s ALPHA.

LOVING the EXPERIENCE of this amazing adventure!


Just Because I Do!

This throwback jam has had me rockin’ out all week. Yes, I gets my alternative on sometimes. Don’t judge me! It’s funny that I was a freshman in high school when this song was released, but that does not mean the message is not valid. I find that I am attracted to people for various reasons. I do not really have a type…I go with how the person makes me feel.

I have only really had what people refer to as “real feelings” for a total of three people within my little 29 years of life. The other two are in the past, so I am relating this post to my present. He has made comments, essentially asking why do I like him. I have kind of been offended, because, I’m like, don’t ask me that, MoFo, just accept it and roll with it.

With that said, his questioning of my affection has led me to actually giving it some thought. I have drawn the conclusion that I simply like him for him. This has naturally led me to recalling the attached song, “Hey Leonardo (She Likes Me For Me)” by Blessid Union of Souls. Anyone who truly knows me, knows that my life is a big song filled with endless lyrics. Lol!

I guess I will let him know that I like him because he is an awesome person and at this time I welcome him in my life. So, let’s ride this thing out til the muthafluffin wheels fall off!

Hope you enjoyed the jam and my rant!

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